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Get hooked on Pluto! Bring your notebook to life! This is an abstraction based on React.js Hooks to implement "react-like" features in Pluto.jl. It allows code cells to carry information and processes between updates, and even update themselves. The PlutoHooks macros are used as a foundation for the higher-level utilities in PlutoLinks.jl. The source code is written as a Pluto notebook, which also serves as package documentation.

There is a lot you can do with this, but some examples:

  • Maintain state between cell evaluations.
  • Run a process and relay its output to the rest of your notebook.
  • Watch a file and reload the content when it changes.
  • Do a computation on separate thread while the rest of notebook continue running.

This requires using Pluto with a version higher than 0.17.2.

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