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The Julia package that makes work. Check out the website's docs for more information on how the online service works.


(@v1.7) pkg> add PlutoPublish

Quick Start

Make sure you have an up-to-date version of both Julia and Pluto.jl installed first!

Next, open up a Julia REPL with the julia command in a terminal. Enter Pkg mode by pressing ] and install PlutoPublish by typing add PlutoPublish.

(@v1.7) pkg> add PlutoPublish

Now start a Pluto server with the publisher enabled. This will not publish any notebooks without explicit action later.

using Pluto, PlutoPublish; on_event=publisher())

By passing in the publish function exported by PlutoPublish we listen for publishing requests inside notebooks and will automatically push updates when we do get requests.

Once you've got a notebook open that you want to publish, just add a cell with the following code in it:

PUBLISH = true;

NOTE: This code must be in its own cell

The PlutoPublish package will detect this cell and automatically upload and publish your notebook to this site every time you make a change!

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