Encode/Decode GPX files to a polyline and visualize the data using the Google Maps API
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A Julia implementation of the algorithm described in Google's Encoded Polyline Format to encode/decode polylines and plot them using Google Maps.

Polyline.jl with Google Maps

Parse a GPX file.

using Polyline

# Load gpx file and parse.
gpxFile = readGPX("./examples/route.gpx")
gpxRoute = parseGPX(gpxFile)

Encode/decode polyline.

# Encode polyline
polyline = encodePolyline(gpxRoute)

# Decode polyline
route = decodePolyline(polyline)

Plot using Google Maps. You need to obtain a token from the static maps API which you can find here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/maps-static/get-api-key

# Then either set the token as the environment variable GOOGLE_MAPS_API
# url = mapsURL(polyline)

# Or pass the API token as an argument.
url = mapsURL(polyline; token="...")

# With the defaults you can plot the route.
getMapImage(url; pathFig="/tmp/fig1.png")


# Full customization.
url = mapsURL(polyline; token="...",
              type = "roadmap", # https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/maps-static/dev-guide#MapTypes
              size = 1000,
              scale = 2, # https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/maps-static/dev-guide#scale_values
              MarkersStart = (gpxRoute[1, 1], gpxRoute[1, 2]),
              MarkersEnd = (gpxRoute[end, 1], gpxRoute[end, 2]))

getMapImage(url; pathFig="/tmp/fig2.png")


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