PostgreSQL DBI driver
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An interface to PostgreSQL from Julia. Uses libpq (the C PostgreSQL API) and obeys the DBI.jl protocol.

Maintenance Notice

I can no longer spend work time on this so this project is in maintenance mode (accepting PRs and attempting to resolve issues). New code on the dbapi branch ( represents the most recent work, which I will continue if I am in a position to do so again.


using DBI
using PostgreSQL

conn = connect(Postgres, "localhost", "username", "password", "dbname", 5432)

stmt = prepare(conn, "SELECT 1::bigint, 2.0::double precision, 'foo'::character varying, " *
result = execute(stmt)
for row in result
	# code



Block Syntax

using DBI
using PostgreSQL

connect(Postgres, "localhost", "username", "password", "dbname", 5432) do conn


  • DBI.jl
  • DataFrames.jl >= v0.8.0
  • DataArrays.jl >= v0.3.4 for Julia 0.4, v0.3.8 for Julia 0.5
  • libpq shared library (comes with a standard PostgreSQL client installation)
  • Julia 0.4

Tests require a local PostgreSQL server with a postgres user/database (installed by default with PostgreSQL server installations) with trusted authentication from localhost.


  • Tested on Funtoo Linux and Windows 8
  • Should work on other systems provided libpq is avaiable (please file an issue if this is not the case)

TODO (soon)

  • Implement more default PostgreSQL type handling
  • Test type handling overrides
  • More comprehensive error handling and tests
  • Support for COPY

TODO (not soon)

  • Asynchronous connection support
  • Asynchronous Julia for handling asynchronous connections
  • Testing and compatibility with multiple versions of PostgreSQL and libpq