Column and row updates to "Q-less" QR decomposition, including stable least-squares solves
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Update the "Q-less" QR factorization of a matrix. Routines are provided for adding and deleting columns, adding rows, and solving associated linear least-squares problems.

The least-squares solver uses Björck's corrected semi-normal equation (CSNE) approach [1] with one step of iterative refinement. Using double precision, the method should be stable for matrices A with condition number up to 10^8.


import Pkg


Adding columns

Build the "Q-less" QR factorization of A one column at a time:

m, n = 100, 50
A = randn(m,0)
R = Array{Float64, 2}(undef, 0, 0)
for i in 1:n
    a = randn(m)
    R = qraddcol(A, R, a)
    A = [A a]

Minimize the least-squares residual ||Ax - b||₂ using the computed R:

b = randn(m)
x, r = csne(R, A, b)

Deleting columns

Delete a random column and compute new R:

n = size(A,2)
k = rand(1:n)
A = A[:, 1:n .!= k]
R = qrdelcol(R, k)

Minimize the least-squares residual ||Ax - b||₂ using the computed R:

x, r = csne(R, A, b)

Adding rows

Add a row to A:

n = size(A,2)
a = randn(n)'  # must be row vector
A = [A; a]
R = qraddrow(R, a)

Minimize the least-squares residual ||Ax - b||₂ using the computed R:

b = [b; randn()]
x, r = csne(R, A, b)


[1] Björck, A. (1996). Numerical methods for least squares problems. SIAM.

Change Log

  • 15 Jun 2007: First version of QRaddcol.m (without β).
    • Where necessary, Ake Bjorck's CSNE method is used to improve the accuracy of u and γ. See p143 of Ake Bjork's Least Squares book.
  • 18 Jun 2007: R is now the exact size on entry and exit.
  • 19 Oct 2007: Sparse A, a makes c and u sparse. Force them to be dense.
  • 04 Aug 2008: Update u using du, rather than u = R*z as in Ake's book. We guess that it might be slightly more accurate, but it's hard to tell. No R*z makes it a little cheaper.
  • 03 Sep 2008: Generalize A to be [A; β*I] for some scalar β. Update u using du, but keep Ake's version in comments.
  • 29 Dec 2015: Converted to Julia.