Projected entangled pair of states (PEPS), the quantum version
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PEPS inspired quantum circuit ansatz

To make life easier, here is a simplified notebook version of MPS inspired qubit saving scheme for VQE. For a PEPS inpired ansatz solving the J1-J2 square lattice model, please checkout the following content.

To Install

Type ] in a Julia REPL to enter the pkg mode, then type

pkg> add Fire FileIO
pkg> dev git@github.com:QuantumBFS/CuYao.jl.git
pkg> dev git@github.com:GiggleLiu/QuantumPEPS.jl.git

CuYao is for CUDA support, do not install it for a machine without CUDA support.

To Run

First, enter the directory ~/.julia/dev/QuantumPEPS/ (the default development directory of Julia) in a terminal.

To run tests, type

$ julia --project test/runtests.jl  # run the tests

To run a toy example of j1j2 model of size 4 x 4 with J2 = 0.5, type

$ julia --project runner.jl j1j2 4 4

Note: please turn of the CUDA swith in runner.jl if CuYao is not installed.

To Cite

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