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Julia interface to the Quarto CLI.

Quarto is an academic, scientific, and technical publishing system built on Pandoc.

In addition to the core capabilities of Pandoc, Quarto includes:

  1. Support for embedding output from Python, R, and Julia via integration with Jupyter and knitr .
  2. A project system for rendering groups of documents at once.
  3. Flexible ways to specify rendering options, including project-wide options and per-format options.
  4. Cross references for figures, tables, equations, sections, listings, proofs, and more.
  5. Sophisticated layout for panels of figures, tables, and other content.
  6. HTML output based on Bootstrap (including support for Bootswatch themes).
  7. Automatic installation of required LaTeX packages when rendering PDF output.

The overall design of Quarto is influenced heavily by R Markdown, however unlike R Markdown the architecture is language agnostic. In it's current iteration, Quarto can render plain markdown, Rmd documents, and Jupyter notebooks.

For additional documentation, see the Quarto Wiki.

To get started with using the Julia Jupyter kernel with Quarto, see the documentation on Jupyter Markdown.