First-person 3D reinforcement learning environments in Julia
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This package provides simple first-person 3D games that can also be used as reinforcement learning environments. It is inspired by DeepMind Lab.

Table of Contents

List of Environments

  1. SingleRoom

Getting Started

import RayCastWorlds as RCW

env = RCW.SingleRoomModule.SingleRoom()

# reset the game. All environments are randomized


# get names of actions that can be performed in this environment


# perform actions in the environment

RCW.act!(env, 1) # move forward
RCW.act!(env, 2) # move backward
RCW.act!(env, 3) # turn left
RCW.act!(env, 4) # turn right

# interactively play the game
# keybindings:
# `q`: quit
# `r`: reset
# `w`: move forward
# `s`: move backward
# `a`: turn left
# `d`: turn right
# `v`: toggle top view and camera view


# use the RLBase API

import ReinforcementLearningBase as RLBase

# wrap a game instance from this package to create an RLBase compatible environment

rlbase_env = RCW.RLBaseEnv(env)

# perform RLBase operations on the wrapped environment

state = RLBase.state(rlbase_env)
action_space = RLBase.action_space(rlbase_env)
reward = RLBase.reward(rlbase_env)
done = RLBase.is_terminated(rlbase_env)

rlbase_env(1) # move forward
rlbase_env(2) # move backward
rlbase_env(3) # turn left
rlbase_env(4) # turn right



The core raycasting algorithm is implemented in the RayCaster package.


There are 4 types of units used throughout the code:

  1. wu: Stands for world units. These are usually floating point numbers representing positions in the real world.
  2. tu: Stands for tile units. These are integers representing positions on the tile map.
  3. pu: Stands for pixel units. These are integers representing positions on the visualization image.
  4. au: Stands for angle units. These are integers representing angles from 0 to num_directions.

The height of the tile map correponds to the x-axis of the coordinate system (often indexed with i) and width correponds to the y-axis (often indexed with j). This keeps the coordinate system right-handed.

List of Environments

  1. SingleRoom

    The objective of the agent is to navigate its way to the goal. When the agent tries to move into the goal tile, it receives a reward of 1 and the environment terminates.

    Camera view:

    Top view:

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