Reachability and Safety of Nondeterministic Dynamical Systems
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Reachability is a software for reachability analysis and safety property checking that performs flowpipe computation of dynamical systems given by ordinary differential equations models (ODEs) in continuous or discrete time. It is written in Julia, a modern high-performance language for scientific computing.

Currently this package implements algorithms for flowpipe approximation of:

  • linear and nonlinear purely continuous or purely discrete ODEs with nondeterministic inputs
  • hybrid dynamical systems

⚠️ NOTE: If you are a new user, we suggest that you use ReachabilityAnalysis.jl.



This package requires Julia v1.0 or later. Refer to the official documentation on how to install and run Julia in your system.


The set computations depend on the core library LazySets.jl, which is also part of the JuliaReach framework. LazySets.jl exploits the principle of lazy (on-demand) evaluation and uses support functions to represent lazy sets.

The latest stable release of LazySets.jl is installed automatically when you install Reachability.jl (see the installation instructions below). See the installation section of LazySets.jl for further details.


Depending on your needs, choose an appropriate command from the following list and enter it in Julia's REPL. To activate the pkg mode, type ] (and to leave it, type <backspace>).

Install the latest release version

pkg> add

Install the latest development version

pkg> add

Clone the package for development

pkg> dev