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This package exports the @refimpl macro to help you write fast scientific code. It lets you define two implementations of the same method, by prefacing the reference implementation's definition with @refimpl. The non-reference implementation is called by default, but the reference implementation can be invoked in an expression using the same macro @refimpl, even if the method call is deeply nested.

For more instructions, please consult the documentation.


If the @refimpl macro is applied to a method definition, it injects a first argument of type ReferenceImplementations.RefImpl into the signature. This performs the transform

func(args...; kwargs...)  ⇨  func(::ReferenceImplementations.RefImpl, args...; kwargs...)

with the type signatures preserved (so where and ::T match, for example). When you apply the @refimpl macro to an expression that isn't a function definition, it applies a Cassette pass for each top-level function call in an expression, which replaces func(args...; kwargs...) with func(::ReferenceImplementations.RefImpl, args...; kwargs...) if that method exists.

This also means that you can manually call the reference implementation without the macro, using

using ReferenceImplementations: RefImpl
func(RefImpl(), args...; kwargs...)

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