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julia> using RegistryCompatTools

julia> d = held_back_packages();

julia> d["Images"] # Packages that "Images" are holding bacK:
1-element Vector{RegistryCompatTools.HeldBack}:
 ImageQualityIndexes@0.2.0 0.1.3-0.1

julia> filter(p -> any(x ->"GeometryBasics", p.second), d) # all packages holding back GeometryBasics
Dict{String, Vector{RegistryCompatTools.HeldBack}} with 3 entries:
  "NeuroCore" => [StaticRanges@0.8.0 {0.7}, CoordinateTransformations@0.6.0 {0.5}, GeometryBasics@0.3.…
  "Porta"     => [AbstractPlotting@0.12.9 {0.11.2-0.11}, GeometryBasics@0.3.1 {0.2.11-0.2}]
  "BioMakie"  => [DataStructures@0.18.5 {0.17}, AbstractPlotting@0.12.9 {0.11}, GeometryBasics@0.3.1 {…

julia> held_back_by("Images")   # Packages that are holding back "Images"
14-element Vector{String}:

Collecting packages you have commit access to:

It can be useful to filter the output above to only those packages you have commit access to. find_julia_packages_github() returns a list of such packages by using the GitHub API. This requires you to have given a github API token into the environment variable GITHUB_AUTH. Note that due to what looks like a bug in the GitHub API, this does currently not return the repos you have access to via membership in an organization, making it not a lot less useful than otherwise.

julia> d = held_back_packages();

julia> my_pkgs = find_julia_packages_github()
Set{SubString{String}} with 43 elements:

# Show all packages that we are either holding back or others are holding back
julia> my_d = filter(p -> p.first in my_pkgs || any(x -> in my_pkgs, p.second), d)
Dict{String, Vector{RegistryCompatTools.HeldBack}} with 22 entries:
  "Reproduce"               => RegistryCompatTools.HeldBack[CodeTracking@1.0.2 {0.5}, JLD2@0.2.0 {0.1}]
  "Revise"                  => RegistryCompatTools.HeldBack[LoweredCodeUtils@1.2.0 {0.4}, CodeTracking@1.0.2 {0.5.9-0.5}, JuliaInterpreter…
  "Graph500"                => RegistryCompatTools.HeldBack[ProgressMeter@1.3.3 {0.0.0-0.9}]
  "MagneticReadHead"        => RegistryCompatTools.HeldBack[CodeTracking@1.0.2 {0.5}, Cassette@0.3.3 {0.2.2-0.2}]