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This project aims to provide some implementations of the most typical reinforcement learning algorithms.

Algorithms Implemented

  • DQN
  • Prioritized DQN
  • Rainbow
  • IQN
  • A2C
  • PPO
  • DDPG

Built-in Experiments

Some built-in experiments are exported to help new users to easily run benchmarks with one line (for example, run(E`JuliaRL_BasicDQN_CartPole`)). For experienced users, you are suggested to check the source code of those experiments and make changes as needed.

List of built-in experiments

  • E`JuliaRL_BasicDQN_CartPole`
  • E`JuliaRL_DQN_CartPole`
  • E`JuliaRL_PrioritizedDQN_CartPole`
  • E`JuliaRL_Rainbow_CartPole`
  • E`JuliaRL_IQN_CartPole`
  • E`JuliaRL_A2C_CartPole`
  • E`JuliaRL_A2CGAE_CartPole`
  • E`JuliaRL_PPO_CartPole`
  • E`JuliaRL_DDPG_Pendulum`
  • E`Dopamine_DQN_Atari(pong)`
  • E`Dopamine_Rainbow_Atari(pong)`
  • E`Dopamine_IQN_Atari(pong)`
  • E`JuliaRL_A2C_Atari(pong)`
  • E`JuliaRL_A2CGAE_Atari(pong)`
  • E`JuliaRL_PPO_Atari(pong)`


  • Experiments on CartPole usually run faster with CPU only due to the overhead of sending data between CPU and GPU.
  • It shouldn't surprise you that our experiments on CartPole are much faster than those written in Python. The secret is that our environment is written in Julia!
  • Remember to set JULIA_NUM_THREADS to enable multi-threading when using algorithms like A2C and PPO.
  • Experiments on Atari are only availabe when you have ArcadeLearningEnvironment.jl installed and using ArcadeLearningEnvironment.
  • Different configurations might affect the performance a lot. According to our tests, our implementations are generally comparable to those written in PyTorch or TensorFlow with the same configuration (sometimes we are significantly faster).