Completions for your Julia REPL
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Tab completion for your Julia REPL.

Possible completions


  • Names of variables and functions defined or imported to the global scope.
  • Names of variables and functions defined in the current cell/string.
  • Methods of a function if inside a function call.
  • Importable modules after using \t
  • Help for function if pos is at the beginning of a function call


  • Accessible command line programs
  • Arguments for common programs (like git pull, push, commit, checkout)

The interface

The interface is very simple. There are two exported methods provided:


The former provides completion of julia expression while the latter provides completion of julia shell syntax (; at the standard REPL or inside backticks).

Both functions have the same return format:

	results, range = completions(string,pos)

The first return value is an array of possible completions, while the second return value is a range specifying the part of the string that was matched. In particular this means that to execute a completion, you should replace string[range] by completion[i] for some i.