A small Tetris-implementation to be used directly form the Julia REPL
Author ChristianKurz
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May 2018


This started as an exercise to learn terminal rendering and key-input. Tile-colors, scoring, button-mapping, speed and levels are in accordance to the Tetris Guideline. T-spins and wall kicks are not yet available, but will be added soon.

This is a screenshot playing in the VSCode REPL:

Julia REPL Screenshot of a lost game of REPLTetris

Installation & Usage

The package is registered in Meta-Data. Simply install it using Pkg.add:

julia> Pkg.add("REPLTetris")

After using the Package, you can start a game with tetris():

julia> using REPLTetris
julia> tetris()

The game is controlled via arrow-keys, X, Z and space:

  • Up: Rotate Clockwise
  • Left / Right / Down: Move Current Tile
  • Space: Drop Current Tile to Bottom
  • X: Rotate Clockwise
  • Z: Rotate Counter Clockwise
  • C: Swap current tile with tile on hold
  • CTRL-C: Abort Game

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