Resizable arrays for Julia
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Resizable arrays for Julia

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The ResizableArrays package provides multi-dimensional arrays which are resizable and which are intended to be as efficient as Julia arrays. This circumvents the Julia limitation that only uni-dimensional arrays (of type Vector) are resizable. The only restriction is that the number of dimensions of a resizable array must be left unchanged (in order to preserve type-stability).

Resizable arrays may be useful in a variety of situations. For instance to avoid re-creating arrays and therefore to limit the calls to Julia garbage collector which may be very costly for real-time applications.

Unlike ElasticArrays which provides arrays that can grow and shrink, but only in their last dimension, any dimensions of ResizableArray instances can be changed (providing the number of dimensions remain the same). Another difference is that you may use a custom Julia object to store the elements of a resizable array, not just a Vector{T}.

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