Room Acoustics Impulse Response Generator using the Randomized Image Method (RIM)
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Image Method Reverb

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Acoustic Room Impulse Response (RIR) generator using the (Randomized) Image Method for rectangular rooms. Can be used to make audio signals reverberant.


To install the package, hit ] from the Julia command line to enter the package manager, then

pkg> add ImageMethodReverb


Import the package by typing using ImageMethodReverb and specify properties of the room of interest:

using ImageMethodReverb, Random
Fs = 8e3          # sampling frequency
L = 4.,5.,3.      # room dimensions in meters 
T60 = 0.7         # reverberation time

If the reverberation time is given, all the walls will have the same reflection coefficient. Alternatively it is possible to manually change this
using a six element Tuple:

β = (0.9,0.9,0.7,0.7,0.8,0.8) 
#(  βx1     ,    βx2   ,    βy1   ,    βy2    ,  βz1 ,   βz2  )
#(front wall, rear wall, left wall, right wall, floor, ceiling)

Once the properties of the room are given, select your source and microphone position:

xs = (0.5, 0.5, 0.5)          #src pos (in meters)
xr = (Lx-0.1, Ly-0.3, Lz-0.2) #mic pos
Nt = round(Int,Fs/2)          #time samples (1/5 sec)

Now type:

h, = rim(xs,xr,L,T60,Nt,Fs)

to obtain your room impulse response.

You can also use multiple microphone position by providing an array of Tuples containing the microphone coordinates.

h, = rim(xs,[(1,1,1),(1,1.5,1)],L,T60,Nt,Fs)

Here h will consist of a matrix: h[:,1] will be the RIR relative to the microphone in (1,1,1) etc. It is also possible to specify the source signal to directly obtain the sound pressure at the microphones:

s = randn(Nt)   #src signal 

and type:

p, = rim(s,xs,[(1,1,1),(1,1.5,1)],L,T60,Nt,Fs)

Type ?rim for more details. By default the randomized image method from [1] is used. The original image method proposed in [2] can be reproduced as well by turining off the randomization and fractional delays.

Other languages implementations

A MATLAB implementation of the Randomized Image Method can be found here.