A whimsical testing framework for Julia
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A whimsical testing framework for Julia

breaking down code into tiny bite-sized morsels

colorized output

cast of characters

  • John: a curious end-user
  • Jacques: a proficient programmer, who used to program in R, Python, Haskell, Perl, Ruby and Prolog
  • Julia: a dynamic programming language

Scene 1: a fully-equipped kitchen with modern electrical appliances (including a toaster)

John: Hey Jacques, whatcha doing?
Jacques: Oh, just cooking up a little something with Julia.
John: Wow, sounds great!
Jacques: Yeah, we're doing some taste tests for a few recipes we're working on.
John: Awesome, do you have all the ingredients you'll need?
Jacques: Yeah, we think so. Not sure yet.
John: Okay, well let me know when you're done. I'm hungry already!
Jacques: John, this is just a metaphor.
John: Oh.