Julia bindings for the ScanImage Tiff Reader
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For more information see the documentation.

The ScanImageTiffReader is a Julia library for extracting data from Tiff and BigTiff files recorded using ScanImage. It is a very fast tiff reader and provides access to ScanImage-specific metadata. It should read most tiff files, but as of now we don't support compressed or tiled data. This is the Julia interface. It is also available as a Matlab, Python, or C library. There's also a command-line interface.

Both ScanImage and this reader are products of Vidrio Technologies. If you have questions or need support feel free to submit an issue or contact us.


Install via the package manager:

(v1.0) pkg> add ScanImageTiffReader

Read a volume. The open function opens a file context, executes the data method and then closes the file context. See the documentation for more.

using ScanImageTiffReader
vol ="my.tif") do io