Read SDF files created by EPOCH
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EPOCH is a code for plasma physics simulations using the Particle-in-Cell method. The simulation results are written is .sdf binary files. Several readers for this files are available at This package intends to be another reader for the .sdf file type providing low level acces to the data by following the SDF file format documentation. For a more user firendly approach, please use SDFResults.

Quick start

Install the package using

]add SDFReader

The metadata in the .sdf files can be accessed with the file_summary function

blocks = file_summary(filename)

This will return a dictionary that can be used to access the block headers corrsoponding to the data. To read the data use

ex = open(file) do f
    read(f, blocks[:ex])

For more information regarding the information contained in the .sdf files, please consult the following

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