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SeDuMi.jl is an interface to the SeDuMi solver. It exports the sedumi function that is a thin wrapper on top of the sedumi MATLAB function and uses it to define the SeDuMi.Optimizer object that implements the solver-independent MathOptInterface API.

To use it with JuMP, simply do

using JuMP
using SeDuMi
model = Model(with_optimizer(SeDuMi.Optimizer))

To suppress output, do

model = Model(with_optimizer(SeDuMi.Optimizer, fid=0))


You can install SeDuMi.jl through the Julia package manager:

] add SeDuMi

but you first need to make sure that you satisfy the requirements of the MATLAB.jl Julia package and that the SeDuMi software is installed in your MATLAB™ installation.

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