Download Seismic data with Julia.
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Download seismic waveform from data server.

  • Download from earthquake data center with multiple processors
  • All data (metadata, waveform, fft, ...) is saved in the form of SeisData structure with SeisIO.jl®.


Then from the Julia command prompt:

  1. Press ] to enter pkg.
  2. Type or copy: add
  3. Press backspace to exit pkg.
  4. Type or copy: using Pkg;"SeisDownload"); using SeisDownload


You can download data using seisdownload: to run the example script:

  1. cp ~/.julia/packages/SeisDownload/(versionID)/EXAMPLE/ somewhere and cd EXAMPLE/Noise_BP
  2. type julia -p 3 exec.jl
  • -p is num of additional processes (= np - 1 parallelizes your processes with your all processors).

More information; see EXAMPLE directory.

Installation Q&A

  • Please run with obspy enviroment. Anaconda environment is useful; see link. This package is stable with python 3.7.3.