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SemifieldAlgebra.jl is a julia package (largely inspired from SemiringAlgebra) which allows computations in an aribtrary semifield.



The package can be installed with the Julia package manager. From the Julia REPL, type ] to enter the Pkg REPL mode and run:

pkg> add SemifieldAlgebra


First import the package:

julia> using SemifieldAlgebra

To create a specific semifield you need to specialize the Semifield{T,A,M,MI,Z,O} type where:

  • T is the encoding type of the value, usually Float32 or Float64
  • A is the additive function
  • M is the multiplicative function
  • MI is the multiplicative inverse function
  • Z is the "zero" element (additive identity)
  • O is the "one" element (multiplicative identity)

For instance, here is how to create the Tropical semifield:

julia> const TropicalSemifield{T} = Semifield{T, max, +, -, -Inf, 0} where T

Numbers in a semifield are created and manipulated as follows:

julia> x = TropicalSemifield{Float64}(2)
julia> y = TropicalSemifield{Float64}(-2)
julia> x + y

The Semifield type can also be used with arrays:

julia> zeros(TropicalSemifield{Float64}, 3)
3-element Vector{Semifield{Float64, max, +, -, -Inf, 0}}:


Lucas Ondel (website)