Algorithms to track features of interest, such as images KLT
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Algorithms to track features of interest, such as KLT. Please see documentation, and file issues or make suggestions as you see fit.

Note Features in this package are not yet optimized for speed, but the start of implementing machine/computer vision sparse feature functions that are useful to robotics.


This is an unregistered Julia package, but can be readily installed from a Julia console:


Upstream master is at:


Please see, as part of the development, two cases in the examples folder. These examples currently extract corner features from either an image file, or a webcam image sequence.

Please note this code is not yet optimized in any way. Performance can be improved.

Unit Test

Basic unit tests are currently under development in the test folder. Unit tests can be run by typing:



This package uses several dependencies (thank you) and put together by: A. Hattingh, J. Terblanche, D. Fourie