Short codes to embed content in Pluto notebooks
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Simply embed content in a Pluto notebook using short codes, inspired by the Hugo shortcodes.

The basic usage is shown below, check out the example to get an impression of the resulting page.


using ShortCodes

# Embed tweet by id

# Embed youtube video by id and seek to start 
# time and pause to show custom still image
YouTube("IAF8DjrQSSk", 2, 30) # 2 min 30 sec

# Embed Flickr image by id (or by url)

# Show DOI info from


  • YouTube shows an overlay when the video is paused, promoting "more videos", and the API does not allow hiding it. A workaround is to block the overlay using uBlock.
  • Some browsers may block content from social media, e.g. Firefox may block Twitter embeds, check the settings of your browser if it doesn't load.

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