Simple and fast neural network in Julia from scratch
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Manual implementation of simple neural network with MNIST dataset

This is an updated version of neural network code from the original question by Anders, answered by Chris Rackauckas: macOS Python with numpy faster than Julia in training neural network

There are four versions of this code:

  • v1 - original version includes all recommendations from the answer, with operations changed to support Julia 1.1, and some minor changes to variable naming, styling, etc.
  • v2 - load data and batches format changed to matrix instead of array of tuples (loaddata, vectorize, etc.), first activation layer removed, no need to copy input data to it.
  • v3 - batch run converted into matrix operations, added batch_size preallocation for nn layers.
  • v4 - network structure rework: split into 3 different structures: network_v4, batch_trainer and batch_tester for preallocation, the whole run time is faster due to preallocation for evaluation.

There is a performance increase by an order (!) of magnitude due to transition to matrix operations in batches. On my machine:

  • v1 and v2 take about 10 seconds per epoch
  • v3 and v4 take about 1.1 seconds per epoch