A Julia REPL that interacts with's webhook integration
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A Julia REPL that interacts with's webhook integration.

WARNING: Use at your own risk. This is a very naive, insecure bot that is meant more as proof of concept than for production use.


  1. Set up a Slack Incoming WebHook and a Slack Outgoing WebHook.

  2. Create a config.jl in this directory that contains the following entries:

  • TOKEN = "..." #Replace this with your Slack token for your outgoing webhook
  • INHOOK = "" #Replace this with your Webhook URL for your incoming webhook
  • (Optional) DEBUG = true #Print debugging information to console
  • (Optional) DEFAULTPAYLOAD = Dict( #Add custom JSON entries to the returning payload to the incoming webhook "username"=>"juliatan", "icon_emoji"=>":juliatan:" )
  1. Make sure that Morsel.jl is installed in Julia.

  2. Run the script/

Example of use

If you set up jl as the trigger word for your Slack Outgoing WebHook, you can write in a Slack channel

jl 2+2

and the bot will post

Julia input

Julia output

You can also encase the command sent after the trigger word in single backquotes or triple backquotes.

The reboot escape hatch

It's quite possible to bork the entire state of the current Julia session. When this happens, and if you set DEBUG = true, then sending a HTTP POST to /reboot causes the current Julia instance to terminate, in effect restarting Slackbot.jl.