Server-to-server FHIR connections
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This package implements the SMART Backend Services profile for server-to-server FHIR connections.

Please see the documentation.

The following tables show the mapping between Julia packages and standards/specifications:

Julia Package Standard/Specification Description
FHIRClient.jl FHIR Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. Web standard for health interop.
SMARTAppLaunch.jl SMART App Launch User-facing apps that connect to EHRs and health portals.
SMARTBackendServices.jl SMART Backend Services Server-to-server FHIR connections.

We currently do not implement the following; however, we plan to implement them in the future:

Standard/Specification Description
FHIR Bulk Data Access (Flat FHIR) FHIR export API for large-scale data access.

These descriptions are taken from the SMART on FHIR technical documentation.

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