Exact Soft Confidence-Weighted Learning
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This is an online supervised learning algorithm which utilizes the four salient properties:

  • Large margin training
  • Confidence weighting
  • Capability to handle non-separable data
  • Adaptive margin

The paper is here.


SCW has 2 formulations of its algorithm which are SCW-I and SCW-II.
You can choose which to use by the parameter of init.


  1. This package performs only binary classification, not multiclass classification.
  2. Training labels must be 1 or -1. No other labels allowed.

Training from matrix

Feature vectors are given as the columns of the matrix X.

using SoftConfidenceWeighted

# C and ETA are hyperparameters.
# X is a data matrix which each column represents a data vector.
# y is corresponding labels.

model = init(C = 1, ETA = 1, type_ = SCW1)
model = fit!(model, X_train, y_train)
y_pred = predict(model, X_test)