A package to download free books from Springer using Julia
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Springer books for the quarantine

Two functions are exported by this package:

  1. The list of currently free books can be downloaded for subsetting: This function returns a DataFrame of the list.
path = pwd()
bl = getbooklist(path, name = "booklist.xlsx")
  1. The books are downloaded based on the booklist:
loadbooks(path, bl[1:3, :])


This example will download the first three Mathematics books:

using SpringerQuarantineBooks
using DataFrames

path = "/home/daniel/Documents/books"
booklist = getbooklist(path, name = "booklist.xlsx")

mathbooks = filter(row -> occursin(r".*Mathematics.*", row[Symbol("English Package Name")]),booklist)

loadbooks(path, mathbooks[1:3, :])

Some books are available as EPUBs. Those can be downloaded by setting format="epub". format is not case sensitive.

loadbooks(path, mathbooks[1:3,:], format = "epub")

Further options are:

  • fixnames = true -> Replace whitespace and commas in filenames with '_'
  • verbose = true -> Show progress bar
  • printerrors = (lowercase(format) == "pdf") -> Print error message if download fails defaults to true only if format is pdf as errors occur when epub is not available