An (UNOFFICIAL) API wrapper for Stack Overflow in Julia.
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This package is designed as a wrapped for the StackOverflow API.

Support from the community would be welcomed in order to expedite coverage of all of the basic abilities. I am also very aware that my approach to implementing this API in Julia is likely not the best approach. This repo and my Julia capabilities are always a WIP.



Note: Typing ] into the Julia Repl will put you in the package manager.


julia> using StackOverflow

julia> qHolder = getrecentquestionsfortag()

julia> qHolder[1]
Questions(Any[""], Any[15], Any[1574532755], Any[true], Any[Dict{String,Any}("user_type" => "registered","display_name" => "logankilpatrick","reputation" => 2135,"user_id" => 7619808,"link" => "","profile_image" => "")], Any[1574534113], Any[0], Any[59010920], Any[59010720], Any[Any["julia"]], Any["How to make a request to a specific URL in Julia?"], Any[1])

julia> qHolder[1].link
1-element Array{Any,1}:

julia> qHolder[1].view_count
1-element Array{Any,1}:

julia> qHolder[1].owner
1-element Array{Any,1}:
 Dict{String,Any}("user_type" => "registered","display_name" => "logankilpatrick","reputation" => 2135,"user_id" => 7619808,"link" => "","profile_image" => "")

julia> qHolder[1].score
1-element Array{Any,1}:

julia> qHolder[1].title
1-element Array{Any,1}:
 "How to make a request to a specific URL in Julia?"

julia> qHolder[1].answer_count
1-element Array{Any,1}:

julia> qHolder[2]
Questions(Any[""], Any[145], Any[1574259575], Any[true], Any[Dict{String,Any}("user_type" => "registered","display_name" => "Marouane1994","reputation" => 173,"user_id" => 12078089,"link" => "","profile_image" => "")], Any[1574519259], Any[0], Any[], Any[58956518], Any[Any["julia"]], Any["How can I view profiling information visually?"], Any[1])

Another example:

julia> using StackOverflow

julia> checkmyprivileges("logankilpatrick")
Your current rep is 2165 and your privileges are as follows:

description: Ask a question or contribute an answer
short_description: create posts

description: Discuss the site itself,  bugs, feedback, and governance
short_description: participate in meta

description: Post more links, answer protected questions
short_description: answer protected questions

description: Create answers that can be easily edited by most users
short_description: create wiki posts

description: Bring content to the attention of the community via flags
short_description: flag posts

description: Indicate when questions and answers are useful
short_description: vote up

description: Participate in this site's chat rooms
short_description: talk in chat

description: Leave comments on other people's posts
short_description: comment everywhere

description: Offer some of your reputation as bounty on a question
short_description: set bounties

description: Collaborate on the editing and improvement of wiki posts
short_description: edit community wikis

description: Create new chat rooms
short_description: create chat rooms

description: Indicate when questions and answers are not useful
short_description: vote down

description: Some ads are now automatically disabled
short_description: see reduced ads

description: View and cast close/reopen votes on your own questions
short_description: view close votes

description: Access first posts and late answers review queues
short_description: access review queues

description: See vote breakout, expandable usercard
short_description: see votes, expandable usercard

description: Create chat rooms where only specific users may talk
short_description: create gallery chat rooms

description: Add new tags to the site
short_description: create new tags

description: Edits to any question or answer are applied immediately
short_description: edit questions and answers

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