Julia implementation of steam tables according to IAPWS Industrial Formulation (1997)
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A Julia implementation of the IAPWS-IF97 properties of water and steam. Provides the Gibbs and Helmholtz free energies, enthalpy, entropy, Cp, Cv and sonic velocity.

Optional use of physical units via Unitful.jl

Inputs are either P&T, P&h or P&s.

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Exported functions

Single input

Name Units Properties returned
Psat(T) MPa Saturation pressure
Tsat(P) K Saturation temperature
SatDensL(T) kg/m3 Saturated liquid density
SatDensV(T) kg/m3 Saturated vapour density
SatHL(T) J/kg Saturated liquid enthalpy
SatHV(T) J/kg Saturated vapour enthalpy
SatSL(T) J/kgK Saturated liquid entropy
SatSV(T) J/kgK Saturated vapour entropy
DeltaHvap J/kg Latent heat of vaporisation

Two inputs

P and T

SpecificG, SpecificF, SpecificV, SpecificU, SpecificS, SpecificH, SpecificCP, SpecificCV, SpeedOfSound

P and h

SpecificG_Ph, SpecificF_Ph, SpecificV_Ph, SpecificU_Ph, SpecificS_Ph, SpecificH_Ph, SpecificCP_Ph, SpecificCV_Ph, SpeedOfSound_Ph, Quality_Ph

P and s

SpecificG_Ps, SpecificF_Ps, SpecificV_Ps, SpecificU_Ps, SpecificS_Ps, SpecificH_Ps, SpecificCP_Ps, SpecificCV_Ps, SpeedOfSound_Ps, Quality_Ps

T and h


T and s

Name Units Properties returned
SpecificG kJ/kg Specific Gibbs free energy
SpecificF kJ/kg Specific Helmholtz free energy
SpecificV m3/kg Specific volume
SpecificU kJ/kg Specific internal energy
SpecificS kJ/kgK Specific entropy
SpecificH kJ/kg Specific enthalpy
SpecificCp kJ/kgK Specific isobaric heat capacity
SpecificCv kJ/kgK Specific isochoric heat capacity
SpeedOfSound m/s Sonic velocity
Quality Vapour quality

Temperatures in K, Pressures in MPa

Exported constants

Name Value Units Physical Constant
R 0.461526 kJ/kg/K Universal gas constant
Tc 647.096 K Critical temperature of water
Pc 22.064 kg/m3 Critical density of water
T3 273.16 K Triple point temperature of water
P3 611.657E-6 MPa Triple point pressure of water
Mr 18.01528 kg/kmol Molecular weight of water

Use of physical units

If unitless values are passed, the physical units listed above are assumed and the returned values will also be in these units, e.g. Kelvin for temperature, MPa for pressure.

Optionally, however, you may pass Unitful.jl Quantity values, e.g. 100u"°C". The returned values will still be in the specified units, but may be easily converted via Unitful's uconvert()


julia> using SteamTables, Unitful

julia> Psat(400)

julia> Psat(400u"K")
0.24575318630408327 MPa

julia> Psat(300u"°C")
8.587708329557278 MPa

julia> uconvert(u"psi", Psat(400u"K"))
35.643486181534875 psi

For more details on the use of Unitful, see the package documentation.

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