Algorithmic music composition in Julia
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Stochatto is a Julia package that aims to facilitate efficient research in algorithmic music composition. The name is meant to be a play on words, blending the term stochastic, a mathematical term describing a random process, and staccato, a musical term denoting short and punctuated note articulations.


using Stochatto, Random, Distributions, MusicManipulations

Random.seed!(12)                # set random number seed for reproducibility
key = Key(NOTE_RANGE[1], MINOR) # use c minor scale
n = 64                          # generate 64 notes
initial = key.root + OCTAVE * 6 # start sequence at C6
precision = SIXTEENTH           # round to nearest sixteenth note
notegen = Normal(0, 2.5)        # distribute next note normally around current note
beatgen = Poisson(1)            # divide quarter note durations by drawing from poisson

# create engine and generate note sequence
engine = Engine(key, notegen, beatgen)
notes = generate(engine, n, initial, precision)
[println(note) for note in notes]

# generate a musical score from the stochastically generated series of notes
musescore("tmp.pdf", notes) # create and open sheet music pdf
run(`open tmp.mid`)         # open musescore app to listen to song

Example Score Output


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