A deep learning library for Julia based on Caffe
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Strada is a Deep Learning library for Julia, based on the popular Caffe framework developed by BVLC and the Berkeley computer vision community. It supports convolutional and recurrent neural netwok training, both on the CPU and GPU. Some highlights:

  • Simplicity both for advanced users and novices. It is easy to install and also a good platform for teaching.

  • Flexibility expecially for doing research in various different domains like mathematical optimization, computer vision, natural language and reinforcement learning.

  • Integration with Julia: Strada is distributed with a version of Caffe that has minimal dependencies and was integrated with Julia's linear algebra subroutines, Julia's tensor manipulation routines and Julia's error handling system.

  • Support of Caffe features: It is easy to rebase Strada to a different Caffe version with additional pull request integrated (for example with multi GPU support)

  • Open source: Strada is distributed under a BSD licence.