Subpixel alignment of arrays.
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Algorithm modified from the Matlab code accompanying Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Samuel T. Thurman, and James R. Fienup, "Efficient subpixel image registration algorithms," Opt. Lett. 33, 156-158 (2008) . This implementation allows to register arrays of arbitrary dimensions (not just 2d). Functions are written for AbstractArrays and should work for Images.


julia> using SubpixelRegistration

## Building a simple 4d array
julia> test4d = zeros(40,40,20,2)

julia> test4d[10:20,10:20,2:10,1] = 1
julia> test4d[5:15,15:25,5:13,2] = 1

## By using larger ufac one gets to higher subpixel resolution
julia> dftResults = stackDftReg(test4d,ufac=1)
2-element Array{Any,1}:

## The array can theb be realigned from this dictionary
julia> back4d = alignFromDict(test4d,dftResults)

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