Coherence/phase-locking statistics in Julia
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Analysis of synchronous signals

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This package implements efficient multitaper and continuous wavelet transforms, along with the following transform statistics most of which operate on pairs of signals:

  • Power spectral density (PowerSpectrum)
  • Power spectral density variance (PowerSpectrumVariance)
  • Cross spectrum (CrossSpectrum)
  • Coherence (Coherence for the absolute value, Coherency for the complex value)
  • Phase locking value, a.k.a. the mean resultant vector length or R̄ (PLV)
  • Pairwise phase consistency, a.k.a. the unbiased estimator of R̄^2 (PPC)
  • Phase lag index (PLI)
  • Unbiased squared phase lang index (PLI2Unbiased)
  • Weighted phase lag index (WPLI)
  • Debiased squared weighted phase lag index (WPLI2Debiased)
  • Jammalamadaka circular correlation coefficient (JCircularCorrelation)
  • Jupp-Mardia squared circular correlation coefficient (JMCircularCorrelation)
  • Hurtado et al. modulation index (phase-amplitude coupling) (HurtadoModulationIndex)

Additionally, the following point-field measures are implemented:

  • Point-field coherence (pfcoherence)
  • Point-field PLV (pfplv)
  • Point-field PPC, variants 0, 1, and 2 (pfppc0, pfppc1, pfppc2)

And the following point-point measures:

  • Point-point cross correlation (pfxcorr)

All measures except for the point-field measures have corresponding unit tests. Documentation is forthcoming.