Julia Wrapper to the Tasmanian library
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Build Status

Build status

Wrapping the awesome tasmanian library.

Example 1: The Darth Vader Function

Approximating the function at increasing levels of grid refinement at 1000 randomly chosen points.

julia> using Tasmanian
julia> Tasmanian.ex2()
INFO: error on initial grid:    0.06798, with 13 points
INFO: refinement level 1 error: 0.02096, with 16 points
INFO: refinement level 2 error: 0.00896, with 36 points
INFO: refinement level 3 error: 0.00314, with 80 points
INFO: refinement level 4 error: 0.00097, with 176 points
INFO: refinement level 5 error: 0.00031, with 384 points
INFO: refinement level 6 error: 9.0e-5, with 824 points
INFO: refinement level 7 error: 2.0e-5, with 1688 points
INFO: Saved animation to /Users/74097/.julia/v0.6/Tasmanian/examples/ex2.gif

Example 2: Genz test function

This approximates f(x,y) = 1.0 / (abs(0.5 - x^4 - y^4) + 0.1).


  • Basis functionality wrapped: getters, setters
  • Simple tests implemented
  • LocalPolynomialGrid implemented
  • grid refinement implemented
  • Automate build of library via BinaryBuilder
  • More tests
  • Documentation
  • Other grid types missing: global, sequential and wavelet


To install julia package


The Tasmanian library will be downloaded as a precompiled binary version fitting to your system.