Tectonic typesetting for Julia.
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Compile LaTeX files in Julia using the tectonic typesetting system. Also provides a biber binary that is compatible with the version of the biblatex package provided with tectonic.


This package wraps the official binaries for both bundled programs:

Supported Operating Systems and Julia Versions

The package provides binaries for 64-bit Linux, MacOS, and Windows and has been tested against Julia 1.3 to 1.8.


(@v1.6) pkg> add Tectonic

julia> using Tectonic

julia> tectonic() do bin
           run(`$bin file.tex`)

Using biber with tectonic

If you need to compile a document that contains biblatex then you will need to provide the biber program to tectonic by adding it to the PATH. This can be done by calling Biber.biber as follows

julia> biber() do _
           tectonic() do bin
               run(`$bin file.tex`)

If biber already exists on your PATH then calling Tectonic.tectonic will find it automatically and use it.

Required Packages

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