Tectonic typesetting for Julia.
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Compile LaTeX files in Julia using the tectonic typesetting system. Also provides a biber binary that is compatible with the version of the biblatex package provided with tectonic.


This package wraps the official binaries for both bundled programs:

Supported Operating Systems and Julia Versions

The package provides binaries for 64-bit Linux, MacOS, and Windows and has been tested against Julia 1.3 to 1.5.


(@v1.5) pkg> add Tectonic

julia> using Tectonic

julia> tectonic() do bin
           run(`$bin file.tex`)

julia> using Tectonic.Biber

julia> biber() do bin
           run(`$bin file`)

Using biber with tectonic

If you need to compile a document that contains biblatex then you will need to rerun tectonic manually since it currently does not provide integrated use with biber. To do this run

tectonic() do bin
    # We only need to run a single time, but actually keep the intermediate files.
    run(`$bin --keep-intermediates --reruns 0 file.tex`)
biber() do bin
    # Then run biber on those files.
    run(`$bin file`)
tectonic() do bin
    # And finally run tectonic again as normal to put it all together.
    run(`$bin file.tex`)

Required Packages

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