A simple telegram bot wrapper for handling text command reply.
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A Julia Telegram Bot Api wapper check out telegram bot api api (mostly built around commands with text).

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The package is registered in METADATA.jl and can be installed with Pkg.add, or in REPL by pressing ] add Telegrambot.

julia> Pkg.add("Telegrambot")

Basic Usage

For guide on telegram bot creation and api, check this out.

NOTICE: Due to the way botfather present you key, don't forget to add "bot", I shall add a warning and try to be smart.

using Telegrambot
botApi = "<your_api_key>"

welcomeMsg(incoming::AbstractString, params::Dict{String,Any}) = "Welcome to my awesome bot @" * string(params["from"]["username"]) 

echo(incoming::AbstractString, params::Dict{String,Any}) = incoming

txtCmds = Dict()
txtCmds["repeat_msg"] = echo #this will respond to '/repeat_msg <any thing>'
txtCmds["start"] = welcomeMsg # this will respond to '/start'

txtCmdsMessage = Dict()
txtCmdsMessage["start_response"] = welcomeMsg #this will quote reply to a message respond to '/start_response' 

inlineOpts = Dict() #Title, result pair
inlineOpts["Make Uppercase"] = uppercase #this will generate an pop-up named Make Uppercase and upon tapping return uppercase(<user_input>)

#uppercase is a function that takes a string and return the uppercase version of that string

startBot(botApi; textHandle = txtCmds, textHandleReplyMessage = txtCmdsMessage, inlineQueryHandle=inlineOpts)


  • Add Inline query respond
  • Add function to quote reply to a message
  • Add function to reply with a file/image
  • Add function to serve as a IRC-Tg bot

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