Julia bindings for the Tesseract Library and to a lesser extent the Leptonica library.
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This Julia packages provides support for performing OCR on scanned images. This is done by using the Tesseract C library. Tesseract.jl tries to provide a direct mapping of the Tesseract API to Julia with additional functionality added to fit better into the Julia ecosystem.

using Tesseract

# Generate some pages to load.
write("page01.tiff", sample_tiff())
write("page02.tiff", sample_tiff())
write("page03.tiff", sample_tiff())

# Download the Tesseract English data files

# Initialize the library to generate a text file.
instance = TessInst("eng")
pipeline = TessPipeline(instance)

tess_pipeline_text(pipeline, "My Book.txt")

# Process all the pages in the book.
tess_run_pipeline(pipeline, "My First Book") do add
    add(pix_read("page01.tiff"), 72)
    add(pix_read("page02.tiff"), 72)
    add(pix_read("page03.tiff"), 72)

# The results will be saved in "My Book.txt".
println("My Book.txt: $(filesize("My Book.txt")) bytes.")

# output

My Book.txt: 123

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