Primary school math exercices in Julia
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The purpose of this package is to generate and test simple math problems for primary school.


In Pkg mode (hit ]):

add https://github.com/barche/TimesTables.jl.git


using TimesTables

This should bring up the following GUI Screenshot


Configuration happens through a config file in your home directory in .julia/prefs/TimesTables.toml:

additionmax = 1000
uselogfile = false
timesmin = 1
maxnumcorrect = 3
timesmax = 100
lockedwindow = false
subtractionmin = 0

This file is auto-generated with default suitable for the second year of primary school. The options are:

  • additionmax: Maximum values of the terms in an addition
  • subtractionmin: Minimum possible result from a subtraction exercise
  • timesmin and timesmax: minimum and maximum value of the terms in multiplication and division exercises
  • maxnumcorrect: Number of consecutive correct answers before the exercise is finished
  • uselogfile: Log operations to ~/.julia/logs/TimesTables.log
  • lockedwindow: Keep the window on top and remove the border (no close button)

QML code

To make a portable app, the QML code is now in a separate artifact, built from the repository at https://github.com/barche/timestables-assets