Small tools and snippets that I happen to use with julia
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Small tools and snippets that I happen to use with julia


Installation is easy, just type:


and to load it put on top of your source code

using toolbox


Mathematical & numerical stuff

Integrate vector using weighted mean of two parabolas on each side

  • integ(x, y)

Cumulative integral using integ. Also possible to start from zero using different extrapolations (default is :lin)

  • cuminteg(x, y[; extrapolate_zero=:lin, :quad, :plaw, :none])

First derivative using weighted parabolas

  • deriv(x, y)

Cubic or linear interpolation and linear extrapolation

  • interp(x, y, val[; method=:cubic, :lin])

Binary search for arrays

  • locate(x, val)

Smooth vector using Gaussian kernel N times. Also possible to define offset so that only x[offs+1:end-offs-1] is smoothed ensuring proper boundary conditions.

  • smooth(x[, N=1; offs=3]) and smooth!(x[, N=1; offs=3])

Smooth vector with B-splines (DeBoor's algorithm)

  • şmooth_spline(x, [weights], smoothfactor)

Smooth vector that has a powerlaw behaviour by not smoothing the vector values directly but by smoothing the ratio between it and some reference vector ref.

  • şmooth_plaw(x, ref, smoothfactor/N[; offs=3, method=:kernel/:spline])

Nodes and weights for N point Gaussian quadrature. Returns tuple of (nodes, weights)

  • gauss_laguerre_nw(N)
  • gauss_legendre_nw(N)

Exponential integral E_N(x) = int_1^infty e^(-x t) dt/ t^N for positive arguments

  • expi(N, x)

Indexes of an array fulfilling given criteria expr

  • @where expr (TODO)

IO & System

Read parameters from config file. Searching for line where param=val and returns val.

  • ReadConf(file, params...)

Throw an error if x has NaNs in it.

  • catch_NaN(x)

  • Modified read/writeddlm (TODO)