Markdown to toolips component parsing.
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Parse markdown strings into Toolips Components.

using Toolips
using ToolipsMarkdown

markdownexample1 = tmd"""# Hello world, this is an example.
This extension, **[toolips markdown](** allows the conversion of regular markdown into Toolips components.
heading1s = Style("h1", color = "pink")
heading1s:"hover":["color" => "lightblue"]

myroute = route("/") do c::Connection
    write!(c, heading1s)
    mdexample2 = tmd("mymarkdown", "### hello world!")
    write!(c, markdownexample1)
    write!(c, mdexample2)
st = ServerTemplate()
[2022:07:01:17:22]: ๐ŸŒท toolips> Toolips Server starting on port 8000
[2022:07:01:17:22]: ๐ŸŒท toolips> /home/emmac/dev/toolips/ToolipsMarkdown/logs/log.txt not in current working directory.
[2022:07:01:17:22]: ๐ŸŒท toolips> Successfully started server on port 8000
[2022:07:01:17:22]: ๐ŸŒท toolips> You may visit it now at

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