Make Julia code probabilistic-programming-ready by allowing calls to `sample` to be annotated with traced addresses.
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Allows for the optional specification of traced addresses (i.e. variable names) in calls to sample and related functions in StatsBase.jl. Providing this information allows ordinary Julia code to be "probabilistic-programming-ready". See also TracedRandom.jl, which provides similar support for random primitives in Random.

julia> sample(:id, 1:5)

julia> sample(:fruit, [:apple, :banana, :cherry], weights([0.2, 0.3, 0.5]))

By default, the addresses (:id and :fruit in the examples above) are ignored, but they can be intercepted via meta-programming (see Genify.jl) to support inference in probabilistic programming systems such as Gen. Addresses can be specified as Symbols, or as pairs from symbols to other types (Pair{Symbol,<:Any}).

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