Parser with beginners and enders and infix
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Clean parser


Intended to be a parser where the relation to the AST tree and the code is clear. (In Julia, the Expr objects tree.)

In order to be able to use homoiconicness of a language properly, it is useful not to have gotchas in the syntax. This attempts to reach that by parsing a language that consists of two elements:

  • There are 'blocks' with a beginner and an ender. For instance in Julia: (-),[-] and {-} but also begin-end, function-end, type-end, and @,typealias,const and a new line.

  • Further there is infix notation, with some order.


The implementation is much more flexible than that, a beginner-ender can change the beginners and enders insider entirely.

Problems/deviations for application to julia

For functions to work, 'nothing or just whitespace' would have to be a potential infix symbol.

if would have to be able to deal with else and elseif, perhaps extend the concept.

" needs to deal with escapes.

Other issues(const?)