Julia Package for reading .tsp files
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This reads .tsp data files in the TSPLIB format for Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) instances and returns TSP type.

struct TSP
    name        ::AbstractString
    dimension   ::Integer
    weight_type ::AbstractString
    weights     ::Matrix
    nodes       ::Matrix
    Dnodes      ::Bool
    ffx         ::Function
    pfx         ::Function
    optimal     ::Float64

To install:

] add TSPLIB

Some TSP instances in the TSPLIB library are preloaded. See the list.

For example, to load a280.tsp, you can do:

tsp = readTSPLIB(:a280)

For custom TSP files, you can load:

tsp = readTSP(path_to_tsp_file)