A Julia package for 2-dimensional geometry
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TwoDimensional is a Julia package which provides useful types and methods to define and manipulate 2-dimensional points, bounding-boxes and affine coordinate transforms.

Other related packages:


using TwoDimensional

gives you types AffineTransform{T}, Point{T} and BoundingBox{T} parameterized by the type T of their components (T must be floating point for AffineTransform{T}).

To avoid conflicts with other packages, you may use/import TwoDimensional.Suffixed which gives you types AffineTransform2D{T}, Point2D{T} and BoundingBox2D{T} instead, that is with suffix 2D.

You can also fine tune what you want. For instance:

using TwoDimensional: AffineTransform, Point2D


Latest documentation is here.


TwoDimensional is an official Julia package so you can install it from Julia's package manager. In an interactive Julia session, hit the ] key to switch to the package manager REPL (you should get a ... pkg> prompt) and type:

pkg> add TwoDimensional

You can also execute the following statements (in a Julia script or from Julia REPL):

using Pkg

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