Utilities for fitting and testing variance component models
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This Julia package provides computational routines for fitting and testing variance component models. VarianceComponentModels is one package of the umbrella OpenMendel project.


This package requires Julia v0.7.0 or later, which can be obtained from or by building Julia from the sources in the repository.

The package has not yet been registered and must be installed using the repository location. Start julia and use the ] key to switch to the package manager REPL

(v1.2) pkg> add

Use the backspace key to return to the Julia REPL.


If you use OpenMendel analysis packages in your research, please cite the following reference in the resulting publications:

Zhou, H., Sinsheimer, J., German, C., Ji, S., Bates, D., Chu, B. B., Keys, K., Kim, J., Ko, S., Mosher, G., Papp, J., Sobel, E., Zhai, J., Zhou, J., and Lange, K. (2020). OPENMENDEL: a cooperative programming project for statistical genetics, Human Genetics, 139(1):61-71.


This project is supported by the National Institutes of Health under NIGMS awards R01GM053275 and R25GM103774 and NHGRI award R01HG006139.