Code for our UAI '20 paper "Scalable and Flexible Clustering of Grouped Data via Parallel and Distributed Sampling in Versatile Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes"
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This package is the code for our UAI '20 paper titled "Scalable and Flexible Clustering of Grouped Data via Parallel and Distributed Sampling in Versatile Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes".
Paper, Supplemental Material

What can it do?

This package allows to perform inference in the vHDPMM setting, as described in the paper, or as an alternative, it can perform inference in HDPMM setting.

A note on scalability

With the recent release (0.1.1) we have added threads support (instead of multiprocessing) as default. to enable multiprocessing instead add mp=true to the fit functions. Using the multithreaded version, we can now handle more groups, much more. Just to emphasize, we have recently used it with 7k groups, summing to a total of 220MIL data points, each data point a D=256 histogram. Convergance took only 4 hours. In another scenario we have used it for topic modeling, with 84K documents, each between 100 to 300 words, convergance took about an hour.

Quick Start

  1. Get Julia from here, any version above 1.1.0 should work, install, and run it.
  2. Add the package ]add VersatileHDPMixtureModels.
  3. Add some processes and use the package:
using Distributed
@everywhere using VersatileHDPMixtureModels
  1. Now you can start using it!
  • For the HDP Version:
# Sample some data from a CRF PRIOR:
# We sample 3D data, 4 Groups, with $\alpha=10,\gamma=1$. and variance of 100 between the components means.
crf_prior = hdp_prior_crf_draws(100,3,10,1)
pts,labels = generate_grouped_gaussian_from_hdp_group_counts(crf_prior[2],3,100.0)

#Create the priors we opt to use:
#As we want HDP, we set the local prior dimension to 0, and the global prior dimension to 3
gprior, lprior = create_default_priors(3,0,:niw)

#Run the model:
model = hdp_fit(pts,10,1,gprior,100)

#Get results:
model_results = get_model_global_pred(model[1]) # Get global components assignments
  • Running the vHDP full setting:
#Generate some data:
#We generate gaussian data, 20K pts each group, Global Dim= 2, Local Dim = 1, 3 Global components, 5 Local in each group, 10 groups:
pts,labels = generate_grouped_gaussian_data(20000, 2, 1, 3, 5, 10, false, 25.0, false)

#Create Priors:
g_prior, l_prior = create_default_priors(2,1,:niw)

#Run the model:
vhdpmm_results = vhdp_fit(pts,2,100.0,1000.0,100.0,g_prior,l_prior,50)

#Get global and local assignments for the points:
vhdpmm_global = Dict([i=> create_global_labels(vhdpmm_results[1].groups_dict[i]) for i=1:length(data)])
vhdpmm_local = Dict([i=> vhdpmm_results[1].groups_dict[i].labels for i=1:length(data)])


Coseg with super pixels
Missing data experiment
Synthethic data experiemnt


This software is released under the MIT License (included with the software). Note, however, that if you are using this code (and/or the results of running it) to support any form of publication (e.g., a book, a journal paper, a conference paper, a patent application, etc.) then we request you will cite our paper:

  title={Scalable and Flexible Clustering of Grouped Data via Parallel and Distributed Sampling in Versatile Hierarchical {D}irichlet Processes},
  author={{Dinari, Or and Freifeld, Oren},


For any questions: dinari at

Contributions, feature requests, suggestion etc.. are welcomed.

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