Video playback in terminal via. ImageInTerminal.jl and VideoIO.jl
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Video playback in terminal via. ImageInTerminal.jl and VideoIO.jl

Experimental! Owes a lot to ImageInTerminal!



julia> using VideoInTerminal

julia> framestack = map(i->rand(Gray{N0f8},60,40), 1:200); # a vector of images of the same type and dims

julia> play(framestack) # play through the framestack

julia> colorcube = rand(Gray{N0f8},60,40,30);

julia> play(colorcube, 2) # play slices along dim 2

julia> play("path/to/video.mp4")

ffmpeg test video example


  • fps::Real: play the framestack back at a target fps (default 30)
  • maxsize::Tuple: specify a max video size in terminal characters. Default is determined from terminal window size

Control keys:

  • p or space-bar: pause
  • left- or up-arrow: step backward (in framestack mode)
  • right- or down-arrow: step forward (in framestack mode)
  • ctrl-c or q: exit


explore methods mimic play methods except starting paused.

Control keys enable stepping through the selected dimension

julia> using VideoInTerminal, TestImages

julia> img = testimage("mri-stack");

julia> explore(img, 3) # explore img along the 3rd dimension, use arrow keys to move

mri example

Camera Streaming

View the primary system camera

julia> showcam()

streaming webcam example

or choose another capture device:

julia> VideoIO.init_camera_devices()

julia> VideoIO.init_camera_settings()

julia> devs = VideoInTerminal.VideoIO.CAMERA_DEVICES
2-element Vector{String}:
 "FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in)"
 "Capture screen 0"

julia> showcam(device=devs[2])

Test videos

VideoIO's test videos can also be accessed by name, which will be automatically downloaded

julia> testvideo("annie_oakley")


  1. Exit the video with an interrupt via. ctrl-c

  2. If video playback isn't reaching the desired fps, try stopping the video and reduce the size of your terminal, or specify the maxsize kwarg as a tuple of width and height in terminal characters.

    If it's still slow, the internal downscaling in ImageInTerminal may be the limiting factor

  3. ImageInTerminal is exported, so color depth settings can be controlled as per the manual