WebGL backend for Makie
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WGLMakie is a WebGL backend for the Makie.jl plotting package, implemented using Three.js.

Backend specific docs, for creating interactive and static html pages:


using Pkg
pkg"add WGLMakie Makie"

Teardown (if you want to uninstall)

using Pkg
pkg"rm WGLMakie"


Now, it should just work like Makie:

using Makie, WGLMakie


In the REPL, this will open a browser tab, that will refresh on a new display. In VSCode, this should open in the plotpane. You can also embed plots in a JSServe webpage:

function dom_handler(session, request)
    return DOM.div(
        DOM.h1("Some Makie Plots:"),
        meshscatter(1:4, color=1:4),
        meshscatter(1:4, color=rand(RGBAf0, 4)),
        meshscatter(1:4, color=rand(RGBf0, 4)),
        meshscatter(1:4, color=:red),
        meshscatter(rand(Point3f0, 10), color=rand(RGBf0, 10)),
        meshscatter(rand(Point3f0, 10), marker=Pyramid(Point3f0(0), 1f0, 1f0)),
isdefined(Main, :app) && close(app)
app = JSServe.Server(dom_handler, "", 8082)


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